Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Jocelyn Mann

Jocelyn Mann, our head teacher and owner, has her Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. Jocelyn has completed extensive training with Bernajean Porter regarding teaching in the 21st century, multiple courses on inquiry based teaching/learning, courses and professional development on the Science of Reading, Orton Gillingham approach and a variety of workshops on different Math practices, concepts and teaching. She has worked as an elementary and high school teacher for more than 13 years, teaching in a variety of settings and countries, from public, bilingual, and private classrooms.

Jocelyn found her passion for teaching more on an individual and small group basis when she started helping children back in 2016. She could see first hand how beneficial individualized and small group custom lessons based on students needs and abilities significantly impacted their academic growth and success. She aims at ensuring all students have the same opportunity to be successful through individualized lessons and programming, in hopes children are well-rounded individuals so they may become active contributors in the world.

Chelsey DaSilva

Meet Chelsey! Chelsey is our elementary Math teacher who has her Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. Chelsey has been an elementary school teacher for 13 years. She also has experience teaching children one on one, both online and in person. Chelsey loves the rewards and progress she sees when working with children on an individual program. She is diligent in ensuring each student has a strong foundation of Math concepts to build upon as skills become more complex. Her adaptability to children’s learning styles and needs is obvious due to the success of her students.

Chelsey Matt

Chelsee Matt is our high school math teacher. She completed her Math degree (B.Sc.) and Education degree (B.Ed.) at the University of Regina and has been teaching for more than 10 years. Chelsee loves teaching math, and she has experience teaching all levels up to and including first year university. She especially loves calculus!! Due to her experience in teaching math at so many levels, Chelsee prides herself in being able to accommodate individual learning needs providing both enrichment or modification where needed. Her passion for math shows in her teaching and her goal is to help all students love math too. 


“Jocelyn has been amazing for our son.  When schools shut down he significantly regressed academically.  She has been working with him twice a week for the past 8 months and his progress has been truly amazing to witness.”

Trish Greening, Sk. Canada

“We are so grateful for the Math lessons as he would be so far behind if it wasn’t for Chelsey.”

– Steph, New Zealand

“My son attended one of the high school Math workshops with Chelsee in August 2022. He absolutely loved it! Chelsee was so patient and provided such great examples and explanations. He felt so much better going back to school in the fall!”

– Anonymous, United States