My name is Jocelyn Mann and I am the founder of

The story of Sol Academics began when I was a student, who was inspired by my amazing teachers, to help children reach their full potential. As a child, my teachers inspired me to cultivate and share my love of learning with others. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to be an educator to help children succeed academically, socially and emotionally. I believe this holistic approach to education enables students to become knowledgeable and enlightened citizens of the world.

I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and graduated from The University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Education in 2010, with a major in Kinesiology and Physical Education. Following University, I embarked on a 3 month journey to South East Asia. While there, I witnessed the children’s lack of access to formal education. This confirmed my desire to help children through my role as an educator. After the trip, it became my dream to find a way to allow students from all over the world to have access to rich and meaningful education.

Upon my return, I began my career with Saskatoon Public School Division, and was hired immediately as a middle-years teacher for the following 3 years. I specialized in Grade 4-8, managing classes up to 30 students. This time allowed me to grow as a teacher and further develop my philosophy and standards for education. After this, I decided to take a leave of absence to pursue my dream of teaching abroad.

I accepted a job in Nosara, Costa Rica teaching at an international private bilingual accredited school. This school had approximately 50 students enrolled from Pre-K to Grade 10. I taught middle and upper years Science, Biology, English and Physical Education. I chose to stay in Costa Rica the following year, and once again had the opportunity to teach for the Saskatoon Public School Division upon my return to Saskatoon the year after.

When I returned to Saskatchewan, I focused on another passion. I developed engaging and relevant Physical Education programs, with a focus on healthy lifestyles, for K-8 students. I also started my own tutoring business from my home, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 10. This allowed me to continue to hone my academic teaching skills and ability to individualize learning plans.

In 2018, I was presented with the opportunity to go back to Costa Rica to teach full-time school for 2 families. Here is where I taught, individualized and supplemented an accredited home-school curriculum while enriching academics in order to meet the learning needs of my students. I also began to expand my business by developing individualized programs and lessons, to both local and international students with other teachers.

As I am always in the pursuit of making a difference in children’s lives and providing meaningful education, I decided to follow my passion and embark on a new adventure by launching and creating SolAcademics. My goal is to help students realize their full potential and academic abilities by creating individualized programs and lessons in order to meet their diverse learning needs. With my past experiences, myself and my team are confident and look forward to working with your family to guide your children and assist them in excelling in academics.