Consulting and Coaching

Consulting and Coaching

If you are home-schooling your children and/or are new to home-schooling and need some assistance, we are here to help you. This can range from setting up your “school”, making a year plan, scoping out your units, planning units and lessons, ensuring all objectives and outcomes are being met, where and how to start, weekly/biweekly/monthly “check ins”, assessing your children to ensure they are at grade level, etc. Setting up a time to meet will ensure you are providing an adequate academic school year to your children and make home-schooling less of a challenge for you. We provide consulting and coaching with parent(s) who are struggling to work with their children academically and what they can do to create a positive learning environment for both the parent and child.


“Jocelyn Mann is one of the most talented teachers I know. She has a gift for working with children that makes learning seem effortless and fun. She helped our daughter advance in reading, writing, and math in such a short period of time it was astonishing. She developed a personalize program that was perfect for Mayalin. I highly recommend her as teacher, tutor, coach and mentor.”

– Carrie Anderson, Costa Rica 

“SolAcademics was a lifesaver for my daughter “A” and I.  “A” struggled terribly with math in high school and Jocelyn taught her in a way that she not only understood, but also excelled in that subject.  My daughter felt comfortable to contact her to ask her any questions.  They were super flexible and went over and above to make herself available to answer those questions and schedule sessions.  This alleviated a lot of anxieties. We would not have had the awesome successful outcome without her!!!!!”

– Kris, Saskatoon, Canada

“My experience with Jocelyn was very beneficial for me when I was struggling in Math during high school.  She was very helpful and patient and always made sure I understood any questions completely before moving on to the next question.  She also had a nice setup and had lots of visuals to help me understand the more difficult questions.  Over all I would definitely recommend going to her if you need some extra help. She really helped me bump up my grade and I fully understood what I was doing when I left thanks to her help!”

– Alaina, Saskatoon, Canada – Age 16

*prices vary depending on services provided