There are a few one-on-one services that are tailored directly to the individual geared toward their weaknesses or successes as enrichment no matter if they are attending school, completing a hybrid or online version, are home schooled or are even travelling the world with their parents for a year. Here are some options below on how we can help!

  1. Guidance: We help students who may be doing a hybrid or online school and provide pacing and guidance to assist them in completing their program on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. This may also include helping students on a specific project or assignment that must be completed for their specific program. If you feel your children need this guidance, we would love to help them stay on track!
  2. Assessments: We administer grade level assessments that help find learning gaps and provide parents with an understanding as to where their children may be struggling in and areas of mastery. Following an assessment, we do an extensive analysis and written report to the parent(s) indicating skills mastered, areas for improvement and our suggestions going forward.
  3. Programming & Teaching: We create specific programs and lessons that cater to student’s needs. The goal is to close learning gaps and help students achieve grade level learnings in order to enhance understanding and confidence. We provide the materials for the programs created and do “check ins” with the parents to ensure their understanding of the program and the administration of it. Further, we also teach these students on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure they are comprehending the material. As students progress, we make changes to their program and re-assess to continue to create effective lessons and plans catered to the children’s needs. The results are astounding!
  4. Daily/Weekly Teaching: If your child(ren) complete some sort of alternate education and you want us to teach your child(ren) a specific subject or unit over the course of a semester or year, this is something we specialize in. We create engaging and innovative lessons and units that fit your child’s strengths, weaknesses and interests while ensuring all your objectives and outcomes are met in the program that you provide us. If you are wanting some more consistent support with your children, we would love to work with them!
  5. Enrichment: We enrich academics for those who are above average and may need a challenge beyond the curriculum objectives they are working on. We never want children to be “bored” of learning. We want to extend their understandings and passions to create life long learners and a strong love of learning. Reach out today!


“Jocelyn is a wonderful teacher you will remember your entire life; she is organized, masterful, and deeply invested in her students.  We were amazed to see our son thrive far beyond our expectations as a young learner.  We recommend Jocelyn wholeheartedly!”

– Light Buggiani, Founder and Director of the US Chess Academy

“SolAcademics had taught my children aged 11 and 6 both in person and online. We have had fantastic results and we have been impressed that there has not been a difference in the quality of teaching between the two methods of delivery. Due to the individually tailored and engaging approach to teaching both of my children have seen a huge improvement in grades, confidence and enjoyment in Math and English.”

–  Jane, New Zealand

“Jocelyn is my online teacher. Jocelyn lives in Costa Rica and Canada and I live in New Zealand. She has helped me sound out and learn lots of words so I can read and spell them. Now my reading and writing classes are fun at school. I like my lessons with Jocelyn because I learn so much.”

– Student Age 6, New Zealand

*prices vary depending on services provided