All children are special and unique individuals who all have the potential to contribute something positive to the world.  Our goal is to help children achieve success regardless of their abilities. We do this by creating innovative and creative lessons that aim to reach and inspire all students.

We offer individual and small group instruction options. We believe one-on-one or small group learning enhances student’s engagement and focus, allowing them to overcome their academic challenges in a positive and safe environment. Working in this instructional setting, allows us to establish meaningful relationships with learners. This academic culture promotes authentic learning in an atmosphere in which students feel confident, valued and respected.

It is our mission as educators to reach all students so they may achieve their fullest potential, not only academically, but also physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We strive to help all of our students grow into well-rounded individuals so they may become active contributors in their community and catalysts for change in the world. 

By providing engaging lessons, relevant assignments and meaningful assessments to our students on an individual basis, we are able to reach all of our learners on a personal level. This approach facilitates student success and achievement.

Teaching is a profession that consists of continual learning, growing and development.  One of our hopes as educators is to share our love of learning with students, as we strive to inspire all children we teach to become lifelong learners. We look forward to taking risks, challenging ourselves with new experiences and continuing to enhance our professional development.