Small Group Teaching

Small Group Teaching

If you are home-schooling your children or know others that are home-schooling, we put together grade-like students and work through specific units or subjects that parent’s request in semesters or throughout the entire year. We know as parents, home-schooling is a lot of work and specific subjects/units and content can be challenging. If you are interested in having us teach a specific unit and/or subject in a specific grade to a small group of children, we are here to help!

Please contact us to know which classes we are currently teaching or offering and if we have availability to create a small class for your specific needs!


“I had the pleasure of teaching with Jocelyn. Not only was she a colleague, but she was also my son’s teacher and daughter as well. Jocelyn is an outstanding teacher. She is organized, supportive, yet has high expectations. Jocelyn is extremely talented in looking at the curriculum and adapting it to student needs and adjusting to all different grade levels. My children learned and progressed during the time they were students of Jocelyn!”

– Monica Kelly, Certified Core Faculty National University USA

“Jocelyn brings her ideas, leadership skills, strong work ethic and passion for teaching. She excels in the areas of lesson planning, reliability, classroom management and has truly enriched the lives of her students and peers. Her flexibility and creativity allows her to adapt to a new and challenging environments. She is able to differentiate her lessons and instruction to target a wide range of ages, levels and languages so that all are challenged and engaged. It is without exaggeration when I say Jocelyn will benefit the lives of all students, co-workers and parents that are lucky enough to cross her path. She is a remarkable teacher and person.”

– Former Colleague 

“During the 2013/2014 school year in Costa Rica I had the opportunity to work with Jocelyn Mann. She is very professional, well prepared and passionate when it comes to working with students. She is creative and knows how to work with students in helping bring out their very best.”

– Chris Kelly, Classroom Teacher – California

*prices vary depending on services provided